Rebuilding the automation controller

After a severe loss of interest, I have concluded that it is not worth the effort to try to build a product around this idea, to then produce, market, and sell.

In the spirit of open-source, I intend to document here my progress in creating a simple, inexpensive yet powerful tool for hobbyists to build. I remember having free time and interest in this…

The automation controller is was a device which allowed the user to log and view sensor readings (temperature, humidity, etc) and use those inputs to control attached appliances (heater, humidifier, etc) automatically. This device was able to be built using parts bought from common online electronics distributors, with a low to moderate amount of soldering and assembly.

This device was powered by a microcontroller (“MCU”) which is a small computer for all intents and purposes. The device ran independent of a computer, with a graphical frontend used to display logs and set parameters.

Since becoming a FOSS snob, I vowed to never commit atrocities such as releasing software written in Visual Basic 6. With the changing political scene regarding cannabis legalization, companies which produce automation products for small-time horiculturalists have popped up left and right, and I’m sure they run on honorable platforms such as Raspberry Pi and web-based management 😂